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This is who we are

We've always rejected labels. Fashion? We don't care.

We're down-to-earth: we aim at quality and originality.
We talk to those who refuse filters and claim their right to be genuine.

We followed many inspirations over the years, we can't deny it, then a word struck us: STREETWEAR. Street culture, everybody's culture, Hp Hop, free expression, graffiti, skate, disobedience.

An imaginary that we feel very close to us, and that we have begun to embrace with extreme ease. A vision close to us, that we effortessly embraced. 

Evolving with you

In an era of technological innovation and environmental awareness, is it really impossible for a clothing brand not to have scraps and unsold items in stock?

Why settle for clothes that last no more than 2 months and then have to be thrown away?

Is it possible feel yourself in a Branded outfit as if you were listening to your favourite song?

Why is it so hard to find cool artworks properly printed on clothes?

We've been on it 24/7 to get it right: modern problems require modern solutions.

This is how Blowhammer was born.

Over the years or team was joined by people from various fields: not only from the textile and digital industry but also music, art and sport. Once we had the team, all we had to do was to play!

Our approach

Blowhammer is a DNVB with a DTC model, embracing JIT production. You right, too many acronyms, let's start over:

Digital Native Vertical Brand

Born online
No boundaries

Direct To Consumer

Everything we manufacture is sent straight to you, no intermediaries and unnecessary waste

Just In Time

We only produce what you order within 48/72h. Resource consumption and CO2 emissions are minimized

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